We are members of the #VerifyValley. We support the Nym Technologies network and contribute to it since the testnet. We are happy to strengthen the mixnet with our mixnodes and our gateways.

Developer of pastenym.ch and isnymup.com

  • ✅ Hosted in Switzerland
  • ✅ Guaranteed commission: 5%.
  • ✅ Bandwidth: 10 Gbit/s

Identity keys:

  • NTV1 : APxUbCmGp4K9qDzvwVADJFNu8S3JV1AJBw7q6bS5KN9E
  • NTV2 : 4yRfauFzZnejJhG2FACTVQ7UnYEcFUYw3HzXrmuwLMaR
  • NTV3 : ESPa5xnwZ7BebSX9SGmUbeYgNtkUeJo8PtbBx7JhzEHA

Do not hesitate to contact us:

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