Access to Novaya Gazeta through Nym’s mixnet

Access to Novaya Gazeta through Nym’s mixnet


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When you connect through NymConnect, your communications undergo a multi-layered encryption process before being transmitted through a gateway and the Nym mixnet. The mixnet employs a clever technique of blending your traffic with cover traffic and introducing micro delays. This ingenious approach effectively thwarts any attempts by observers to trace or analyze your communications, ensuring the privacy and security of your data. Furthermore, it shields your IP address from being exposed.

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In today’s app, No Trust Verify shows you how to access and view Novaya Gazeta (RU / EN) while preserving your privacy. Please note that this application only works on PC.

What is Novaya Gazeta ?

Novaya Gazeta is an independent Russian newspaper that plays a crucial role in the contemporary Russian media landscape. Founded in 1993, the newspaper has earned a strong reputation as a critical and courageous voice in a country where press freedom is often threatened.

With its name meaning “New Gazette,” Novaya Gazeta is committed to providing thorough and unbiased information to the Russian public. The newspaper stands out for its rigorous investigative journalism and its willingness to address sensitive subjects. It frequently covers issues such as corruption, human rights violations, abuses of power, and crimes against journalists.

Reporters from Novaya Gazeta have often faced significant dangers in their work. Some have been victims of violence, assassinations, and harassment, highlighting the risks that independent journalists in Russia face. Despite these threats, the team at Novaya Gazeta continues to fight for the truth and report on events unfolding in their country.

Novaya Gazeta’s journalism has received international recognition for its contribution to defending freedom of expression and democracy in Russia. The newspaper has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought awarded by the European Parliament.

Dmitri Muratov, winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, at the offices of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper(©SERGEY PONOMAREV/NYT-REDUX-REA)

In addition to its journalistic work, Novaya Gazeta has also played a key role in promoting human rights in Russia. The newspaper has conducted in-depth investigations into cases such as LGBTQ+ and minority rights violations, shedding light on ongoing discrimination and injustices in the country.

In March 2022, during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Novaya Gazeta was forced to suspend its publication due to heightened government censorship. However, the newspaper quickly responded to this challenge by launching a European edition called Novaya Gazeta Europe from Riga, Latvia, in order to circumvent censorship. Unfortunately, the Russian government further tightened its control, blocking the newspaper’s website in the following month.

Undeterred, Novaya Gazeta continued to find ways to disseminate its journalism. In July, the newspaper introduced a magazine called Novaya Rasskaz-Gazeta, but it too faced censorship as its website was blocked shortly thereafter. The situation worsened on September 5 when Novaya Gazeta’s media license was revoked, further restricting its ability to operate freely.

These events illustrate the constant struggle faced by Novaya Gazeta in maintaining its independent voice and fulfilling its mission of providing critical journalism in Russia. Despite government censorship and attempts to silence the newspaper, it has consistently found alternative means to reach its audience and shed light on important issues. The resilience and determination demonstrated by Novaya Gazeta in the face of these challenges highlight the newspaper’s unwavering commitment to the principles of press freedom and the pursuit of truth.

Access Novaya Gazeta via Nym’s mixnet

1st step

You need to download NymConnect via the following link :

2nd step

Open NymConnect, and click on the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen. Select Settings, then turn ON.

Copy & Paste the following Service Provider :


3rd step

You must now configure your browser to use the proxy:

Configuration Brave/ Chrome

In order to be able to “divert” your connection on Novaya Gazeta to the mixnet you need to install an extension called Proxy SwitchOmega to configure a proxy (socks5).

First of all, install the SwitchOmega Proxy extension and go to the bar and open the installed extensions.

Click in the SwitchyOmega extension icon, then select Options.

Then click on “proxy” and add this one:

Protocol : SOCKS5 / Server : Port : 1080

Then click on Apply changes.

After applying changes, on Brave toolbar select the proxy your created :

Configuration Firefox

The configuration of this browser is quite simple since the proxies are native.

Go to Settings :

Then, in the general settings, scroll down to Network Settings and click on Settings.

Then you just have to fill in the fields as follows:

This will allow traffic to be redirected to the mixnet through the No Trust Verify proxy. All other traffic will still go through your own connection.

4th step

All you have to do is launch NymConnect and connect to or

Stay informed while protecting your digital footprint.

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