No Trust Verify Infrastructure

No Trust Verify Infrastructure


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The purpose of this article is to describe the infrastructure of No Trust Verify so that everyone can be inspired by it.

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The Nym infrastructure of No Trust Verify is articulated around several elements:

  • Mixnode for who “mixes” the traffic

  • Gateway to give access to the mixnet

  • Metrics to collect, store, display and monitor infrastructure

  • UptimeRobot to monitor connectivity on mixnode and gateway

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The mixnode is the central element, it is him who will allow in collaboration with other mixnodes to decentralize the mixnet of Nym.

Currently 240 mixnodes are in charge of transmitting and completely anonymizing the traffic on Nym.


No Trust Verify also provides a gateway to access the mixnet network.

These 2 elements are accessible to anyone who wants to participate in the Nym network. The added value of No Trust Verify is its public metrics

**With the use of InfluxDB (storage), Telegraf (data retrieval) and Grafana technologies, we can retrieve and store in the mixnode and gateway history, such as the number of packets mixed.

To view this data, go to :

It is important for us to share the configurations to allow this knowledge to be accessible to everyone. The repository is available here:


For storage, simply create a new “Bucket” and configure Telegraf.


The specific configuration to retrieve data from the mixnode and gateway is relatively simple and starts here :


For data visualization, simply import the created Grafana dashboard:

**Our PR is open and we are available to discuss with you. Join us at