Transfer your NYM ERC20 to the Nym wallet via Gravity Bridge

Transfer your NYM ERC20 to the Nym wallet via Gravity Bridge


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What to do if you have ERC20 NYM tokens and you want to stake them on the mainnet?

This post explains how to use the Gravity Bridge to transfer your ERC20 NYM tokens to the Nym wallet, so you can delegate & stake them in the Nym mainnet.

However, before executing transactions with a large quantity of tokens, it is strongly recommended to perform a full test with a smaller quantity.

Step 1 — Transfer your NYM to Metamask

The very first step is to transfer your NYM from the exchange ( / KuCoin / Huobi, etc) to your Metamask wallet.

If you don’t have one, you can download them here:

An Ethereum Wallet in your Browser

First of all, you have to import the address of the Nym contract.

Then copy the address :

NYM Ethereum Token Contract: 0x525A8F6F3Ba4752868cde25164382BfbaE3990e1

Once the token address is added, you just have to transfer your NYM to Metamask as well as the ETH in order to pay the gas fees.

Step 2 — Install Keplr wallet & GRAV purchase

Second step, you need to download the Keplr wallet, to do this you need to go to the official website:

Create or import a new account. Make sure you save your mnemonics safely, avoid keeping them on your computer or mobile. Paper remains the most secure.

Then you need to send some GRAV token (0.5–1 should be enough), you can get it by swapping it against OSMO for example on Osmosis : (you will also need some OSMO to pay the swap fees).

Once done, you have to transfer it on your Keplr wallet, choose the Gravity Bridge network, on your wallet :

Step 3 — Using the Gravity Bridge

For this third step, you have to go to the Gravity Bridge:

Connect your Metamask account + your Keplr account. Choose the amount of Nym to transfer and click on transfer.

Then you just have to approve the transaction in Metamask. In order to limit the ETH fees we advise you to follow the gwei price via a tracker, and to choose the most appropriate moment:

4th step — Transfer Gravity Bridge to your Nym wallet via

For this last is 4th step, you need to go to

Click on wallet / connect wallet / keplr and approve with it.

Check the networks Gravity Bridge + Nyx

Then click on details in the Gravity Bridge section

Then in IBC Transfer

And in recipient simply copy the address of your Nym wallet.

And to finish you just have to approve the transaction. It is now finished ! You have your NYM tokens on the main network