Use the mixnet for specific domains

Use the mixnet for specific domains


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Following the new terms of use of Metamask and ConsenSys which will now potentially link and store your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address for example. You need a solution to protect yourself.

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Nym’s mixnet allows to protect you from this address collection. With No Trust Verify we have set up a public proxy connected to the mixnet in order to help you and make it harder to link your IP to your Ethereum address.

Here is the current list of domain names we allow:

Brave/ Chrome configuration

In order to be able to “divert” some connections to specific domains to the mixnet you need to install an extension called Proxy SwitchOmega to configure a proxy (socks5)

First install the SwitchOmega Proxy extension and go to the bar and open the installed extensions

Select “Options”

Choose “New profile”, enter a profile name for example “nym-mixnet” and select the “PAC Profile” option then click “Create”. A new profile has been created

In the field “PAC URL” paste this URL then click on “Download Profile Now”, another window could open, select “Apply changes”

If everything worked correctly you should see a green box and the text that changed

This configuration will allow you to redirect traffic that concerns or to the mixnet through the No Trust Verify proxy. All other traffic will still go through your own connection.

To finish, just select the newly created profile by selecting the SwitchyOmega icon and choose “nym-mixnet”. And there you are, connected to the mixnet!

Firefox configuration

Configuration for this browser is pretty easy since proxy are native.

Go in the settings

Next in the General parameters scroll down in “Network Settings” and click on “Settings”

After this paste this URL in the “Automatic proxy configuration URL” field, press “Enter” key and click on “OK” and you’re done

How to add new domains?

In case you want to have additional domains, please write to us at or via Telegram on the group or even Matrix