Using Telegram through Nym’s mixnet

Using Telegram through Nym’s mixnet

Jul 30, 2022·

2 min read

NymConnect — is an interface that allows you to connect to the Nym mixnet in one click. The objective of Nym Connect is to improve the confidentiality of the applications you already use by protecting your traffic patterns from an observer and even from the application itself.

In today’s application case, No Trust Verify presents you how to use telegram through NymConnect.

Attention, this program is still in test phase so bugs can still appear, we just want to allow you to test Nym and its mixnet in all simplicity.

Step 1

You need to get the NymConnect via the following link:

Step 2

Run the file and select “Telegram” then click on “Connect”.

Step 3

You must then click on the link and select “Enable” to configure Telegram

If everything is working properly, a blue shield in the bottom left corner should appear on your screen.

You can also do it manually by going to Settings / Advanced / Connection type then add a custom proxy.

You are now using Telegram via Nym’s mixnet!

To deactivate it, you just have to click on “Disconnect”.


About No Trust Verify

We are members of the #VerifyValley. We support the Nym Technologies network and contribute to it since the testnet. We are happy to strengthen the mixnet with our mixnodes and our gateways.

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