Whoogle Instance

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Whoogle Instance

Whoogle offers Google search results, but without advertising, JavaScript, cookies or IP address tracking.


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We are proud to announce that No Trust Verify now offers a Whoogle instance. search.notrustverify.ch is hosted in Switzerland and provides easy, privacy-friendly access to Google search engine results.

Why Woogle ?

  • No ads or sponsored content

  • No JavaScript

  • No cookies

  • No tracking/linking of your personal IP address

  • No AMP links

  • No URL tracking tags (i.e. utm=%s)

  • No referrer header

  • Tor and HTTP/SOCKS proxy support

  • Autocomplete/search suggestions

  • POST request search and suggestion queries (when possible)

  • View images at full res without site redirect (currently mobile only)

  • Light/Dark/System theme modes (with support for custom CSS theming)

  • Randomly generated User Agent

  • Duckduckgo-style bang (i.e. !<tag> <query>) searches

  • Optional location-based searching (i.e. results near <city>)

  • Optional NoJS mode to view search results in a separate window with JavaScript blocked

More information


To use search.notrustverify.ch as a search engine, simply go to search.notrustverify.ch and right-click on the address bar, then "Add Whoogle Search".

To use search.notrustverify.ch as your default search engine, go to Settings, "Search" and under "Default search engine", select "Whoogle".


For Chromium-based browsers such as Brave or Chrome, go to search.notrustverify.ch and in the URL bar, right-click and select "Manage search engines and site search".

Then under "Search site" select "Add".

And enter the following values

And finally, set Whoogle as the default search engine

About No Trust Verify

We are deeply experimentation-oriented, with a particular focus on technologies related to privacy, self-sovereignty and trustless organizational structures. Our proactive commitment is reflected in a number of projects. In particular, we are contributors to Nym, supporting the existing infrastructure, developing applications and spreading essential knowledge related to privacy issues. In addition, we are active contributors to the Alephium community, offering decisive components such as full nodes, useful and exploratory services, Bridge guardian while participating in the development of dApps.

We are the developers of pastenym.ch, alph.bet and walph.io

We look forward to hearing from you:

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