Use Blockstream Green through Nym’s mixnet

Use Blockstream Green through Nym’s mixnet


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NymConnect — is an interface allowing in one click to connect to the mixnet of Nym. The goal of NymConnect is to improve the privacy of the applications you already use by protecting your traffic from an observer and even from the application itself.

In today’s application case, No Trust Verify shows you how to use the deskstop wallet Blockstream Green through NymConnect.

What is Blockstream Green?

Blockstream Green is a Bitcoin wallet carefully designed to facilitate control of your own private keys. Green also supports the Liquid network, a Bitcoin sidechain and layer 2 solution designed for fast transfers of stablecoins, security tokens and other unique issued assets. One of Green’s most powerful features is its Multisig Shield technology, which works on both the Bitcoin and Liquid networks.

Multisig Shield builds on Bitcoin’s native multisignature transaction technology. Multisig transactions in Bitcoin require the cryptographic signature of more than one person. If the signature threshold is not met, the transaction cannot be sent over the Bitcoin network. Only after all parties have signed the transaction can it be sent.

This makes it harder for hackers to steal your bitcoins, since they now have to hack two or more separate devices instead of just one.

The Multisig shield is designed so that one key is stored on your desktop or mobile device, and another is stored on their remote infrastructure. This means that the difficulty of having your bitcoins stolen increases dramatically compared to traditional single signature bitcoin wallets. To make things even more difficult, the remote infrastructure key is only activated when you pass a two-factor authentication (2FA) method.

You can choose from several two-factor authentication methods:

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Phone call

  • Application Authenticator / TOTP

We highly recommend the Authenticator app / TOTP method because of the SIM swap attacks and the added privacy benefit of not having sensitive information about your transactions sent via email.

Use Blockstream Green through NymConnect

**Step 1
**You need to download and install Blockstream Green:

**Step 2
**If it is not already done, you must download NymConnect via the following link:

Step 3
Run the NymConnect application:

**Step 4
**Once connected, in Blockstream Green go to App Settings you have to add the SOCKS5 proxy in the Network part :
Proxy host :
Proxy port : 1080

You can now use Blockstream Green via the Nym mixnet!

To deactivate NymConnect, you just have to click on “Disconnect”.